REDEMPTUS - neues Album "Blackhearted"

Veröffentlicht am 11.09.2021 um 15:07 Uhr

Das Hardcore Fueled Sludge/Post-Metal-Team REDEMPTUS feiert die Veröffentlichung des 3. Albums "blackhearted", in Zusammenarbeit mit Gruesome Records, Raging Planet Records, Regulator Records und Ring Leader Records in verschiedenen Formaten: Vinyl, CD, Kassette und digital.

REDEMPTUS kommentierte
"'Blackhearted' speaks to and for all of us, who's been struggling with anxiety, stress, difficulty. That's the thing everybody feels, that's the thing everybody can identify with — loss, sorrow, suffering — that is the glue; everybody knows what it is like to be through it. An album made by people, for people, without any barriers or concerns regarding music genres."

Track Listing:
01. Blackhearted
02. Heads You Win Tales I Lose
03. Sunk in Perpetual Tidal Waves
04. It Was Never Meant
05. Still Resemble the Silence
06. How Much Pain Can Fit in One's Chest
07. Forgive and Forget
08. Purged by Light Engulfed by Darkness
09. Swallow the Tears
10. Doomed to Crumble

Paulo Rui – Bass, Vocals
Marcos Martins – Drums
Pedro Simões – Guitars

Vasco Reis – Samples on the title track, "blackhearted"
Miguel Santos – Guitars on "Purged by Light Engulfed by Darkness"
Dani Valente – Backing Vocals on "Forgive and Forget" and Guitars on "Swallow the Tears"