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Veröffentlicht am 06.04.2020 um 22:00 Uhr

Die Progressive Metaller THE RETICENT kündigen die Veröffentlichung ihres fünften Studioalbums "The Oubliette” im Laufe des Jahres via Heaven & Hell Records an! Nähere Details sollen in Kürze folgen!

Bis dahin veröffentlichen THE RETICENT ihre neue Single "Fade To Black", welches ein Cover des METALLICA-Klassikers ist.

Bandgründer und Sänger Chris Hathcock erklärt:

“The original is a timeless classic, but in listening to it I thought that perhaps the sadness of the words were somewhat attenuated by the catchy and driving riffs. It thematically fell right in line with the over concept of “The Oubliette” as that blanket of loneliness and despair can fall over the suicidal and Alzheimer’s patients alike. I decided to reduce the instrumentation as much as possible to increase that sense of isolation and only used effects to increase the atmosphere. Minimalist and empty sounding like a hospital room.  The result hopefully draws more attention to the stark hopelessness in the lyrics. The distance and atmosphere in the track are meant to feel not just isolated, but almost ghostly - as if we are hearing the baleful thoughts of a man void of hope trapped in a hospital bed.”