Contact: Submit Promos

Whenever you want to apply for a review on kindly adhere to following procedure:

  • Due to the high amount of promos received we unfortunately are unable to guarantee a review on
  • For administrative reasons we cannot comment on the status of a review.
  • We are a ROCK- and METAL magazine. Genre alien promos will be ignored.
  • Promos cannot be returned
  • Do not send MP3 or WAV files via E-Mail attachment! Downloadlinks only!
  • Streamings, voiceover promos, splitted-track-promos, abbreviated tracks and one-track-singles cannot be accepted.
  • Watermarked promos will not be forwared neither intern nor extern. They must be sent directly to the reviewing editor after having consulted the promo departement.
  • We do not furnish any guarantee. Each member of Stormbringer's staff is fully responsible for the promos handed over to him/her. The owner of will not be liable for any possible abusive disposition by a staff member.

We need following data from you:

  • Extensive biography/band info incl. band-lineup
  • Genre (when you forward digital promos, it is mandatory to state this in the mailtext)
  • Full tracklist
  • Cover-Artwork
  • Weblinks (Official Website, Facebook, Youtube,...)
  • Full name and mailaddress of person of contact

Kontakt und Ansprechpartner

Please send your promos preferably in digital (downloadlink in MP3 format) to: (attn. Lisi Ruetz).

Physical mailings can be sent to:
c/o Alex Des Loges
Castelligasse 12/7
1050 Vienna