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LILYUM - new Single "Burn The Page"

Veröffentlicht am 26.02.2021 um 17:18 Uhr

Die italienischen Black-Metaler LILYUM haben ihr 8. Studioalbum "Circle Of Ashes" fertig. Der Release wird am 29. März in Co-Operation zwischen Vacula Produtions und Broken Bones Records & Promotion erfolgen. 

Kosmos Reversum (Sergio Vinci) kommentierte die Arbeit: "After our seventh effort released in 2017," Altar Of Fear ", I believed that LILYUM had reached their peak and I wanted the band to close their career in the best possible way, that it started about 20 years ago now. While not hoping for it anymore, but still feeling that black flame burning inside me, I contacted Lord JH Psycho and we started working hard together again and we completed a new record. LILYUM are back, a new album is about to come out. Expect Hell. That's it! "

Die Single kann über Soundcloud gestreamt werden.


Quellenangabe: Broken Bones
Fotocredits: LILYUM

WERBUNG: Temple Balls