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PROTEST THE HERO: posten Album Details und ein neues Musikvideo!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 15.05.2020 um 06:14 Uhr

PROTEST THE HERO streamen ihr Musikvideo zum neuen Song "From The Sky" von ihrem kommenden Album "Palimpsest". Das Album erscheint am 19. Juni und ist ihr erstes Album seit der "Pacific Myth" EP. Das Album wurde von Derya Nagle produziert und die Videobearbeitung von Wyatt Clough.

Der Gitarrist Luke Hoskin und Frontmann Rody Walker sprachen zuvor über das Album und die Schwierigkeiten, mit denen sie beim Schreiben und Aufnehmen konfrontiert waren.

""Palimpsest" is by far the most challenging record we have worked on. The writing and recording process saw so many delays, it’s honestly hard to keep them straight. We are very proud of how each hurdle was handled though, and the end result is a record that we believe is deserving of such an endeavor."

"This record was extremely difficult for me personally. With my first child on the way, I built a studio in my basement to ensure I wasn’t leaving my wife alone with a new child for weeks on end.

I haven’t left my house since. What made it most difficult was the change in my voice. During our final tour just before we were set to start recording, I blew my voice out, and it didn’t come back. I spent a long time fighting with it trying to bounce back and failing.

Finally, through coaching and rehearsal, I got it back in shape. For the first time in my life singing felt like an actual job and I’m still pissed about it. I have never worked harder to put out music in my life and I am extremely proud of the product."


"From The Sky" Musikvideo:

Die Band veröffentlichte zuvor "The Canary", das hier zu hören ist.

"The Canary" Musikvideo:

Track List:

01. The Migrant Mother
02. The Canary
03. From the Sky
04. All Hands
06. The Fireside
07. Soliloquy 
08. Reverie 
09. Little Snakes
10. Gardenias
11. Rivet 

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