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THE SUICIDE MACHINES: veni, vidi, vici!

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Veröffentlicht am 07.04.2020 um 12:00 Uhr

Die Punker THE SUICIDE MACHINES melden sich nach 15 Jahren mit dem Album "Revolution Spring" zurück, welches am 27. März via Fat Wreck erschien.

Die Aufnahmen des neuen Albums fanden in nur zwölf Tagen mit LESS THAN JAKEs Roger Lima, der die Produktion leitete, statt. Entstanden sind 30 Songs, von denen es ganze 16 auf "Revolution Spring" schafften.

Lest hier unser Review zu "Revolution Spring"!


01. Bully In Blue
02. Awkward Always
03. Babylon Of Ours
04. Flint Hostage Crisis
05. To Play Caesar (Is To Be Stabbed To Death)
06. Trapped In A Bomb
07. Detroit Is The New Miami
08. Eternal Contrarian
09. Well Whiskey Wishes
10. Black Tar Halo
11. Empty Time
12. Impossible Possibilities
13. Potter's Song
14. Simple
15. Anarchist Wedding
16. Cheers To Ya

Passend zum Album veröffentlichen die Jungs von THE SUICIDE MACHINES nun das Musikvideo zum fünften Song "To Play Caesar (Is To Be Stabbed To Death)".

Sänger Jason Navarro kommentiert:

"To play Caesar is about the holier than thou elitist types who show up in the scene or life and point their fingers at everyone else. They drop in, run their mouths, then more often times than not, end up becoming exactly what they are pointing their fingers at. They’re not truly interested in solutions. Their goal is to play the martyr. We shot the video for Caesar at a DIY space here in Detroit that we like to keep hidden from the world. It was a benefit show for the Food Not Class collective."

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