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HIDEOUS DIVINITY: enthüllen "Simulacrum" Album Details!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 24.08.2019 um 00:01 Uhr

Die italienische Death Metal Truppe HIDEOUS DIVINITY wird am 8. November ihr neues und viertes Album mit dem Titel "Simulacrum" über Century Media Records veröffentlichen. Das großartige Cover Artwork wurde von Vladimir "Smerdulak" Chebakov erstellt.  Stefano "Saul" Morabito hat das Album in den 16th Cellar Studios aufgenommen und produziert!

Gitarrist Enrico S sagte: "As we step into our biggest chapter to date starting our adventure with Century Media Records, we push our boundaries not by changing our music but by offering a new distorted shape of the HIDEOUS DIVINITY you already know. That’s the entire concept behind "Simulacrum": with the outstanding excuse given by David Lynch’s "Lost Highways", a universe made of non-linear, surrealistic visions, HIDEOUS DIVINITY become a new creature, its dirtiness enhanced by an aura of static permeating our music. We embrace this static, and the change it brings.

The production level achieved with "Adveniens" is now gifted with the wildest dynamic range achievable. Each instrument cutting through the mix when required by the song. As it should be. Stefano "Saul" Morabito is once again the unmatchable alchemist, and his 16th Cellar Studios the forge we’d never give up.

Just like the new, superb cover artwork by Vladimir "Smerdulak Chebakov, we tear up our mask and subvert the rules. From Cronenberg’s metamorphosis to Lynch’s anamorphosis we re-compose the body of our music itself, like an electrical seizure we live over and over again. This is "Simulacrum"."

Track List:

01. Deleuzean Centuries
02. The Embalmer
03. Condense
04. Anamorphia Atto III
05. The Deaden Room
06. Actaeon
07. Bent Until Fracture
08. Seed of Future Horror
09. Prey to a Vision
10. Implemini Exitio

Bonus Tracks:

11. Blood of the Zodiac (Machine Head Cover)
12. Cursed in Eternity (Mayhem Cover)

Mitglieder der Band:

ENRICO H. - Vocals
RICCARDO - Guitars
ENRICO S. - Guitars
GIULIO - Grums


Quellenangabe: Century Media Records
Fotocredits: Century Media Records

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