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TESLA: neuer Song im Stream!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 28.02.2019 um 20:29 Uhr

"California Summer Song", der neue Song der kalifornischen Rockern TESLA, wurde jetzt hier als Stream online gestellt. Der Track stammt aus dem achten Studioalbum mit dem Titel "Shock", das am 8. März über UMe veröffentlicht wird. 

Der "Simplicity" (Juni 2014 Nachfolger) wurde vom DEF LEPPARD Gitarristen Phil Collen produziert und ist auf CD, Digital, schwarzem Vinyl und limitierten blau-transluzenten Vinyl erhältlich. Fans, die das Album vorbestellen, erhalten den Titel des Albums als kostenlosen Download.

Gitarrist Frank Hannon sagte zum Song "California Summer Song": "A song is a soundtrack of your life. A song can take you back in time. Like the song of your summer, and it's feelin’ good. Like a very first kiss."

"California Summer Song" Audio Clip:

"Taste Like" Audio Clip:


Track List:

01. You Won't Take Me Alive 
02. Taste Like 
03. We Can Rule The World 
04. Shock 
05. Love Is A Fire 
06. California Summer Song 
07. Forever Loving You 
08. The Mission 
09. Tied To The Tracks 
10. Afterlife 
11. I Want Everything 
12. Comfort Zone




TESLA Gitarrist Frank Hannon sagte: "It definitely has an '80s kind of polished production... but there is no real direction. I always quote '[This Is] Spinal Tap', when Nigel [Tufnel] says, 'Changing our style is our style.' We don't really pigeonhole ourselves into one sound. We've got elements of metal, country, Americana, a lot of these different directions... This new album, it has the big production, but every song sounds different. Each guy in the band has a different influence. I'm influenced by southern rock a lot, so you're going to hear some slide guitar riffs on there, but there's also, like, [bassist] Brian Wheat, who's influenced by QUEEN and THE BEATLES, so you're going to hear these big Beatle vocals. Phil Collen obviously, you're going to hear some DEF LEPPARD-style influence... It's a combo pizza, man. It's got everything on it."

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