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MISERY INDEX: enthüllen Cover-Artwork des kommenden Albums plus Infos zur Europa-Tour!

Veröffentlicht am 27.11.2018 um 16:18 Uhr

MISERY INDEX beehren ihre Fans 2019 in mehrfacher Hinsicht: Via Season Of Mist veröffentlicht die Band am 08. März 2019 ihr Album "Rituals Of Power", im selben Jahr gibt es im Rahmen einer Europa-Tour allen Fans etwas auf die Ohren.

Für besagtes Album veröffentlichten MISERY INDEX nun Tracklist und Coverartwork, das von Raphael Gabrio gestaltet wurde:

1. Universal Untruths (2:35)
2. Decline And Fall (4:36)
3. The Choir Invisible (4:26)
4. New Salem (3:24)
5. Hammering The Nails (3:46)
6. Rituals Of Power (5:20)
7. They Always Come Back (5:08)
8. I Disavow (4:21)
9. Naysayer (2:26)

Die Band kommentiert das Album wie folgend: "'Rituals of Power' is a disavowal and warning against the consequences of our so-called 'post-truth' age. Each of the 9 songs revolves loosely around this theme, yet each track also stands very much on its own. As an album however, they are all brought to life as one ‘reanimated’ monster; it’s roughly 35 minutes of unhinged, yet cohesive, riff-driven aural ballistics. We were pissed off and on fire during both the writing and recording, and we think it shows in spades. We set out to write the best album we could, based on what we would want to hear first as fans of this music, and we could not be happier."


23 Mar 19 Heidelberg (DE) Heidelberg Deathfest
24 Mar 19 Nürnberg (DE) Z-Bau
25 Mar 19 Wien (AT) Escape Metalcorner
26 Mar 19 Brno (CZ) Melodka
27 Mar 19 Dresden (DE) Chemiefabrik
28 Mar 19 Kassel (DE) Goldgrube
29 Mar 19 Berlin (DE) Cassiopeia
30 Mar 19 Eindhoven (NL) Grindhoven
31 Mar 19 München (DE) Backstage
01 Apr 19 Zürich (CH) Werk21
02 Apr 19 Segrate MI (IT) Circolo Magnolia
03 Apr 19 Genf (CH) Usine
04 Apr 19 Paris (FR) Glazart
05 Apr 19 Sint Niklaas (BE) De Casino
06 Apr 19 Essen (DE) Turock

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