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PROFANITY: unterstützen Guy Marchais im Kampf gegen Blutkrebs!

Veröffentlicht am 29.10.2018 um 19:07 Uhr

Die deutschen Death/Extreme Metaller PROFANITY unterstützen Ex-SUFFOCATION Gitarrist Guy Marchais in seinem Kampf gegen Leukämie.
Die Band veröffentlichte folgendes Facebook-Posting:

In spring of 2018 we recorded with Lukas "Där Haidinger" at his deep deep pressure studios a cover version of “Catatonia” by SUFFOCATION. It was and still is planned to release this Death Metal classic on a split vinyl with our brothers from SINISTER, but due to some issues, it unfortunately hasn´t been released so far. BUT....We want to make this song available for you right now. So here is the idea:

Just go to the PROFANITY bandcamp side, there you can download “Catatonia” and every penny you want to give/ donate for this song will get collected and after four weeks from today on, all the pennies will go straight to the “GoFundMe” page of Guy Marchais (, ex-guitarist of SUFFOCATION for his battling against blood cancer.

…if you call yourself a Death Metal head from the bottom of your heart, give yourself a hit! Every penny counts! Thanx a lot in advance for your support! Now go on and blast CATATONIA

Thomas, Armin and Lukas "Där Haidinger" of PROFANITY

Metalfans sind eine Familie, unterstützt PROFANITY/Guy Marchais in einem Kampf, der eines Tages jeden von uns betreffen könnte!

Hier geht es zur Bandcamp-Seite:

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