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OMNIUM GATHERUM: “Gods Go First” - im Video zur neuen Single!

Veröffentlicht am 07.07.2018 um 07:04 Uhr

OMNIUM GATHERUM haben ihre erste Single aus dem kommenden Album "The Burning Cold" (VÖ 31.August 2018 via Century Media Records) von der Leine gelassen.

Die Band meint zur Single:
"GODS GO FIRST is about the will and the power of it, like good ol' Yoda sayz "do, or do not, there is no try" - Gods go first to the absolute, and to nothingness! Catchy wild ride with a lot of nasty shameless musicianship included.. Sure this one's gonna be a killer live tune which will get a lot of moshpits rolling! We wanted to make an intensive old school video with just the band and nothing else, and team captured well this moment of playing in a tiny old barn in the middle of nowhere."

European Tour

24.10.2018 Tampere (Finland) - Klubi

26.10.2018 Lahti (Finland) - Finlandiaklubi

27.10.2018 Kuopio (Finland) - Henrys Pub

02.11.2018 Helsinki (Finland) - Tavastia

03.11.2018 Jyväskylä (Finland) – Lutakko

07.11.2018 Munich (Germany) - Backstage

08.11.2018 Hamburg (Germany) - Kaiserkeller

09.11.2018 Berlin (Germany) – Bi Nuu

10.11.2018 Stuttgart (Germany) - ClubCANN

11.11.2018 Prague (Czech Republic) – Nova Chmelnice

12.11.2018 Budapest (Hungary) – Dürer Kert 041

13.11.2018 Vienna (Austria) – Szene

15.11.2018 Essen (Germany) - Turock

16.11.2018 London (United Kingdom) – The Dome

17.11.2018 Rotterdam (Netherlands) - Baroeg

18.11.2018 Vosselaar (Belgium) - Biebop

19.11.2018 Paris (France) – Le Petit Bain

21.11.2018 Madrid (Spain) - Copérnico

22.11.2018 Barcelona (Spain) - Bóveda

23.11.2018 Lyon (France) - MJC O Totem

24.11.2018 Lucerne (Switzerland) - Schüür

25.11.2018 Trier (Germany) – Mergener Hof

Quellenangabe: Century Media Records
Fotocredits: Century Media Records

WERBUNG: Area 53 Festival 2019