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We are definitely not one of those bands that do the same thing twice, because we like to feel that we are being challenged in order to be as creative as possible.

Kostas Diamandis von RAW IN SECT hat uns etwas über die Hintergründe seiner erklärungsbedürftigen Lyrics, den Genrewechsel der Band, das bald erscheinende neue Album und die Vorteile des Live-recording erzählt.

Veröffentlicht am 23.07.2016

Hi Kostas, would you please introduce yourself to our readers and give a short overview about the band’s history so far?
RAW IN SECT is a metal/aggressive/prog act that has released 2 albums (Red Flows in 2011 and Blue Haze in 2014) through Aural Music/Wormhole Death. We have done several tours pretty much everywhere in Europe and right now we are preparing a new album that will be followed by a worldwide tour this time.

Ok, first, let’s talk about your previous work. You have released two albums so far and they’re quite different from each other. Can you tell us how this style-transition happened?
People find it difficult to believe but it happened naturally. The plan was to write a Red Flows part II and we actually worked on some songs but the whole process became very difficult and quite boring. So we started experimenting and exploring areas out of our safety zone which made our journey very adventurous and exciting. We are definitely not one of those bands that do the same thing twice because we like to feel that we are being challenged in order to be as creative as possible.

The songwriting on “Blue Haze” (Review) is also very creative and versatile with sometimes unusual instruments like a didgeridoo. Is the whole band involved in songwriting? Tell us something about the process of creating new songs for RAW IN SECT.
There are several stages on making a RAW IN SECT song. I write stuff mostly at home then arrange it. When I feel I can’t give anything more to it anymore I give it to the guys and they start messing with it, then after that, we start jamming on ideas around it, putting stuff in and out and as we do, the song starts to reveal itself. Dimitris experiments with different drum patterns, Haris goes through basslines and George will come up with some new riffs or leads. So I would say that I do most of the songwriting but together we take it to the next level.

Could you explain the story behind the song “Abeer Quasim Hamza” and describe why it was important to you to have it on the album?
This song has several meanings to us and I think that’s why people tend to connect with it so much. Someone uploaded pictures of Abeer on the internet, a little girl from Iraq being gang-raped by American soldiers. I came across them and I felt like someone twisted a knife in my chest. Then I went on reading the complete story about it, on how American soldiers killed Abeer’s family, then how they killed her after raping her and also how the press covered it. It was one of the last songs that we worked on for the “Blue Haze” record and it’s about the suffering of little Abeer, a girl from Iraq that was a victim of western brutality.

The other lyrics on “Blue Haze” also seem to be very meaningful and deep in contemplation. They are a combination of psychedelic experiences, sadness, migraines, scarification and a lot more. What were the ideas and thoughts that let you choose this particular themes (and combine them)?
Lyrics are very important to us even though very few people pay attention to the lyrics in general. The music goes deeper so the lyrics go deeper as well. Blue Haze is about sadness and confusion and how it can turn against you by all those elements you wrote. It’s a trip to the darkest aspects of the mind which can eat you alive if you are not careful with them. It’s also about overexperiencing moments or thoughts.

You’re recording new stuff at the moment. How’s it going?
Yes, we are recording new stuff and everyone is overexcited! Everything has been working out great for the first time. We have an amazing producer now – Peter Dowsett – which we met on one of our UK tours. It has been an amazing experience so far and we just can’t wait to release it!

Are you recording live?
Yes, and there are several reasons. We record drums, bass and rhythm guitars live pretty much on every song. The main reason we do that is to capture our best performances which come out only when we are playing together. This is an element that fans tell us often, that our performances are very powerful so we want to include that on our records. Another thing is that everything has become too pop in rock and metal music because of the overprocessing of things and we want to stand against that. We don’t use autotune on vocals either because it’s stupid. Being very well prepared to record an album live also gives you access to more expensive studios since it takes much less time. We want to spend more time on playing music rather than sorting stuff out on a computer.

Can you tell us something more about how the new album is going to be? What musical concept do you have in mind? How do you want it to sound?
Our new album is going to sound more melodic and direct than “Blue Haze”. We have also embraced our Greek roots which involve several musical movements mostly unheard in the music industry or ethnic music from other countries. There were several elements on “Blue Haze” as well but I think our new album will put a trademark on the RAW IN SECT sound. It’s more unique and more catchy at the same time. I honestly can’t explain it in words!

You’ve been all across Europe to present “Blue Haze”, are you going to repeat this extensive touring activity with your new material? Which countries are you planning to visit?
Truth is we spent about 8 months on the road with “Blue Haze” and we did play in every big city there is, but small towns too. We also played in Istanbul but for now that is not an option anymore. Of course there will be several tours promoting the new record which will start in 2017. The plan is to visit every place in Europe but also North and South America, Japan and Australia. It is just a matter of time getting our new record released and start performing everywhere. I would say we will start with the UK and central Europe then move on to do the rest before we head to other continents.

Thank you very much for taking your time! Would you please leave a few final words for our readers?
Thank you very much for this nice interview. We did include Austria on our previous tours so we will definitely come again. You can catch up to what the RAW IN SECT are up to here: www.rawinsect.com
Take care everyone!

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